The best materials to protect you from the elements - The lowest prices you'll find for performance headwear.


Timeless design built to last. Finished with double-layered paneling to withstand harsh conditions.


Stop the sweat in its tracks with this sleek, simple, and ultra-light Performance LID.


A modern take on the trucker classic. Narrow pinch center perfectly fits to your head - no ‘box-head’.


Iconic style 7-panels with a flat brim. Tapered top panel sits lower than traditional 7-panel.


performance Lids ®️


Ah, the fiery ball of sunshine, both a blessing and a curse. While it provides warmth and light, it can also turn our skin into crispy bacon if we're not careful. POSER Performance LIDS®️ comes to our rescue, shielding your delicate face and scalp from the sun's relentless rays. It acts as a portable shadow, the superhero cape of UV protection. With our hat as your sidekick, you can venture into the great outdoors, armed with the power to prevent sunburns, protect your eyes from squinting, and maintain a complexion that rivals the eternal youth of a vampire.


Oh, how the wind loves to play tricks on us mere mortals. With its gusty mischief, it enjoys creating a wild dance with our hair, leaving us looking like we just stepped out of a tornado. But fret not, dear hat
wearer! POSER Performance LIDS®️ becomes an impenetrable fortress against the wind's wicked intentions. It sits atop your head, defying all laws of aerodynamics, holding firm against the mightiest gales. Let the wind try its best—it shall never rob you of your perfectly coiffed hairstyle again!


Picture this, my friend. You're strolling down the street, feeling fabulous, when suddenly the heavens open up, and rain starts pouring down upon your unsuspecting head. Fear not! POSER Performance LIDS®️ will convert that dreary situation into a delightful water show. Your hat becomes a handy umbrella, redirecting raindrops away from your luscious locks, as if you were a magician wielding the powers of precipitation diversion. Who needs an umbrella when you have a fashionable hat that can both defy gravity and protect you from unwelcome showers?


The hat is a key part of the D2D uniform. We are no stranger to performance hats because we sell the finest headwear available -BUT- we also thought it would be nice if you could get a premium hat for $40.

Our Performance Hat series has been modeled to serve the modern direct sales rep - wear it all day without discomfort. Comes in 2 styles:

let's make it


Customize your lids and represent YOUR OWN BRAND. Custom Performance LIDS ®️

POSER Performance Lids were made for the D2D sales rep. If you haven't seen our D2D services, you should...