The Maslow Pyramid

The Maslow Pyramid

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist born in 1908. He discovered that humans have an ascending order of NEEDS… inherent desires that we’re born with that drive our thoughts and actions.

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SCIENCE has proven most people attempt to motivate people bass-ackwards.

So take some time to understand these needs (below) and then call POSER!


 Physiological Needs

Physiological Needs are at the bottom, or our #1 priority. This includes things like food, shelter, and clothing. Basic survival items. As our core needs are met, we progressively add ‘needs’ and desires.

Safety Needs

If you were to strip someone of everything but their physiological needs, safety needs now become their primary motivator. These are basically our desires for certainty: job stability, insurance, financial, etc.

Belonging and Love Needs

These are things like the need for affection and relationships, and groups. Marriage, community member, church, fraternity, gangs, clubs.

Esteem Needs

There are two parts here 1) the need for esteem from others (recognition) and 2) the need for self-esteem (status).


This is the top of our core needs. It means to “be who you are”. Musicians must make music. Artists must create. We as humans MUST be true to our nature, our DNA. In order for people to really focus on this level, the needs below must have been sufficiently met. The catch is that this need can never be satisfied… the itch will always be there waiting to be scratched.

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