The Solar-Coaster

The Solar-Coaster

Stop me if you’ve heard this before - The solar market is extremely competitive. Companies in the industry have to do everything they can to get a leg up on the competition.

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The excitement level of your customer when they "ink" the deal is an 8/10. The are optimistic, they feel a sense of pride, and they are eager to get this puppy installed.

The excitement level of your customer as they enter the "design and permit phase" is a 4/10. They are anxious and nervous about their big decision and they tend to distrust.

"Did I choose the right company?"

"Have they forgotten about me?"

Solar companies are very creative at prospecting and selling customers but it feels like they missed the mark relating to nurturing the relationship all the way to through.

Don't forget about AFTER the Installation

For many customers, this period might be characterized as a "qualitative retelling" of the journey. Continued engagement on the positive impact and benefits realized from the decision will help sustain their excitement.

Advocacy (referrals)

Every customer experiences this step in the journey, but it's not guaranteed whether they convert into a positive or negative message. For a customer to become a true advocate for their choice to go solar using your company, the sum of their total experiences must add up to be a net positive.

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