Headshots - A guide

Headshots - A guide

If you’ve been asked to provide a “headshot” for your corporate ID badge, this blog post is for you.

Use discretion and context when submitting a likeness of yourself to others.

It might be a cute idea to upload a picture of yourself with a flower tiara for your social media account – It’s not a cute idea for your corporate ID badge.
It might be funny to snap a picture of yourself leaving the liquor store with a basket full of booze. Sure, send it to your buddy’s and have a nice laugh – don’t submit this image for your corporate ID badge.
We all love your besties, but the picture of you both hugging is not a good choice for your corporate ID Badge. It’s going to look odd when half their face is cutout.

Your corporate headshot gives clues... If you have a high-quality image, it speaks to your approachability, warmth, and professionalism. Clues are everywhere.

Step 1

Find a solid color wall to use for your background. When you take your picture, you should be standing 4-5 feet from the wall. This will avoid any harsh shadows.

Step 2

Put your phone in portrait mode. This is the reason portrait mode exists (yay). Face the camera so that you can see yourself on your phone screen.

Step 3 

Extend your arms perpendicular (like you're Frankenstein) and position the camera 3-4 inches below your jawline and 3-4 inches above the top of your head.

Snap it!

Now you’re done.